The Certified Metaverse Expert™

We bring to you the most curious, popular, and trending courses of the decade – The Certified Metaverse Expert™. This certification aims to answer all your curiosity about the latest buzzing word of 2021 – the Metaverse. It is surely the next big thing in human history. Through this course, you get a glimpse of the emerging future of the Web and the way we will interact with it. You will learn about the roles of a Metaverse Expert and explore various technologies involved in the Metaverse.


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Certified Metaverse Expert Training Course

After virtualization, Metaverse is the BIG NAME. Though it is a niche entrant, many big tech giants are already taking a leap to dive into the world of Metaverse. The Metaverse invites a whole new world of economic prospects from NFT-based products to virtual music events to name a few. It has a vast potential for the digital world to thrive and thus calls for skilled individuals and techies to build their skills in this ecosystem.

After completion of this course, you will be able to comprehend Metaverse more effectively, giving you a significant advantage in the newly emerging virtual world. With this Metaverse certification course, you get ready to take giant leaps in the amazing future land with immense possibilities.

This course will enable you to master the core concepts of the Metaverse along with a better understanding of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Extended Reality, Mixed Reality including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Course Curriculum


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Course Objectives

This course about Metaverse enables you to:

  • Analyze the relationship between blockchain and NFTs
  • Highlight the differences between mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) devices
  • Outline the roles of NFTs in the Metaverse
  • Evaluate the potential roles of the Metaverse in retail shopping
  • Identify potential areas of the Metaverse where companies are investing
  • Indicate important features of different extended reality (XR) devices
  • Describe Web 3.0 and its properties

Eligibility Criteria

This course requires no prior qualification. If you are curious to learn about the Metaverse, this Metaverse course is for you.

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Course Outline

  • History of Web and evolution of Web 3.0
  • Metaverse History
  • What is Metaverse?
  • Metaverse as a product of Extended Reality
  • What is Augmented Reality (AR)
  • What is Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Benefits of AR/VR
  • Difference between AR/ VR
  • What is Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction in Metaverse
  • Financial and Economics of Metaverse
  • Benefits of Metaverse
  • Blockchain Overview
  • History of Blockchain
  • Need of Decentralization in MV
  • Smart Contract Capabilities in Blockchain
  • Blockchain in Metaverse
  • Understanding Tokens
  • Understanding the NFT
  • NFT Token Standards
  • NFTs in MV
  • Cryptocurrency in MV
  • How Can You Get Started With Metaverse?
  • Unity3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • Amazon Sumerian
  • SparkAR
  • Cybernetics
  • Gaming in Metaverse
  • Meetings in Metaverse
  • Virtual Learning in Metaverse
  • Social Interactions in Metaverse
  • Virtual Real-estate in Metaverse
  • e-commerce in Metaverse
  • Travel in Metaverse
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Digital Identity in Metaverse

Course Reviews


Metaverse is a universal world that is facilitated by the use of mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), simulated reality (SR), and multisensory extended reality. It is the new future of the world. It gained momentum when in 2021, Facebook was renamed “Meta Platforms”.

This training introduces you to the Metaverse, various technologies involved in Metaverse, how to get started with the Metaverse, and explore different use cases. The 5-hour class will be your most exciting training experience all around the latest buzzword – Metaverse.

This certificate is valid for lifetime.

A Metaverse Expert understands the Metaverse in a comprehensive way. Well-equipped with the operations and technologies involved in the Metaverse ecosystem, the certified Metaverse professional will be responsible for exploring future possibilities in the newly emerging digital world.

This certification opens up vast employment areas for you from being a Game Developer, Blockchain Architect, NFT/Metaverse Enthusiast, etc. There is a huge platter for you once you step into the Metaverse.

Major domains that employ Metaverse Experts are Blockchain Prospects, Gaming Industry, Designers and Creatives, and technology organizations focusing on social media and collaboration products.

Once you complete this course, you will be able to master the core concepts of the Metaverse along with a better understanding of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Extended Reality, Mixed Reality including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Non-Fungible Tokens.

The Certified Metaverse Expert™ exam can be taken after completing this online course.

Exam Pattern: Multiple choice

No. of Questions: 100

Passing Score: 60+

Exam Retake: In case of failure, you can retake the exam after one day and no more than 3 times. If you are unable to score 60+ even after three attempts, you can contact us for assistance.